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Algebra 1 lessons.
Algebra 2 lessons
Geometry Lessons.
A2-m50 pages
Expressions and formulas.
Learn About Real Numbers and Their Properties.
Linear Equations in one variable. Including absolute value equations.
Use Properties of Inequality to Solve Inequalities.
Learn how to work Relations. Functions and Linear Equations.
Slope: Formulas and parallel vs perpendicular.
Learn about systems of linear equations. Forms of the linear equations.
Learn how to solve two variable linear inequalities, including absolute value inequalities.
Learn how to solve two variable linear inequalities, including absolute value inequalities.
Applying properties of exponents to operations with polynomials.
Understanding how to manipulate radicals and rational exponents to simplify expressions.
Learn how to solve radical equations and inequalities.
Learning how to manipulate quadratic functions.
How to use the discriminant and sum and product of roots
Compound Inequalities and Modules "AND" and "OR" IN A WATER CIRCUIT.
Learn how to solve two variable linear inequalities, including absolute value inequalities.
Use matrices to solve systems of linear equations. Augmented matrix reduction.
Learn how to work with Polynomials: Adding, Substracting, Multiplying, Dividing and Factoring.
Introduction to complex numbers.
Learn the Distance and Midpoint Formulas.
Learn about the Parabola: Formula and Graphing.
Study the Circle: Formula and Graphing.
Learn about the Ellipse: Formula and Graphing.
Ellipse: Standard Equation Proof
Understanding the Hyperbola: Formula and Graphing.
Hyperbolas: Standard Equation Proof
Study solving Systems of Equations and Inequalities that Involve Conics.
Generator of Conics
Generator of Conics
Finding zeros, solutions and roots in polynomials.
Comparing an exponential model with a polynomial one
Parabolic Model Ball Up and Down a Ramp
Application: Third Degree Polynomial as Volume of a Prism
Applying the Rational Zero Theorem: Zeros in a Polynomial Function.
Apply quadratic techniques to solve polynomial equations of higher grade.
Learn how to work Composition and Inverse in Polynomial Functions.
Learn how to solve Rational Equations.
Everything about Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.
Learn how to work Arithmetic and Geometric Series and Sequences.
Probability: learning about the counting principle.
Probability: learning about Combinations and Permutations.
An introduction to probability. Formal and informal.
Probability: Learning probability turning a spinner.
Probability: Learning probability turning a spinner.
Probability: Learning when to add and when to multiply probailities.
Probability: Learning when to add and when to multiply probailities.
Probability: Learning when to add and when to multiply probailities.
Probability: Learn about probability in Binomial Experiments
Probability: Learn how to work with experimental and geometric probability.
G-m59 pages
Introduction to points, lines, segments, rays, angles, and planes.
Problems that involve complementary, supplementary and congruent angles.
Solving verbal problems with complementary and supplementary angles.
Complementary and supplementary angles using geolegs
Introduction to slope in the coordinate plane, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, and skew lines.
Angle relationships in parallel lines cut by a transversal.
Introduction to inductive and deductive reasoning. Includes Law of Detachment and Law of Syllogism.
Proofs that involve segments, lines and angle relationships.
Converting two column proofs to paragraph proofs.
Problems that involve proving triangles to be congruent.
Applying SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, HA, HL, LL and LA to prove triangles are congruent.
Reviwing congruence statements in pair of congruent triangles and other polygons.
Triangle inequality theorem and problems to find third side when we know two sides of the triangle.
Practice proofs that involve theorems like AAS, SSS, ASA, SAS to prove triangles congruent.
Properties of quadrilaterals: Parallelograms, rectangles, squares, rhombi, and trapezoids.
Properties of Quadrilaterals
Solving problems for rhombi and squares that require finding angles and segments.
Problems for trapezoids that find angles and segments in them.
Two column proofs that apply properties and theorems of triangles and quadrilaterals.
How to prove that triangles are similar.
Proving triangles similar when they are the result of line segments in triangles.
Problems of similarity in triangles formed by an altitude from the right angle to the hypothenusa.
Proofs that involve similarity and proportionality in triangles.
Solving special right triangles with angles 30-60-90 and 45-45-90
Solving trigonometry problems for right triangles to find sides and angles using sine, cosine and tangent.
Applying Law of Sines and Law of Cosines to find sides and angles of acute and obtuse triangles.
Working with central angles and their arcs.
Problems that involve congruent chords in a circle.
Solution of problems with inscribed angles and their arcs in circles.
How to find arcs and angles in circles.
Circle problems with chords, tangents and secants.
Solving proofs involving segments, angles, and arcs in circles
working proofs that apply theorems for secants, tangents and chords.
Finding angles and their measure in polygons.
Calculating area in parallelograms and rectangles.
How to find the area in triangles, rhombi and trapezoids.
Find area of special triangles with unknown height or base.
Calculating area for regular polygons and circles in composite figures.
How to find surface area and volume for cylinders.
Surface area and volumen with base 10 blocks.
Prisms, finding surface area and volume.
Calculating volume and surface area for right cones.
Working with pyramids to find surface area and volume.
Sphere: Finding surface area and finding volume.
Problems for composite Solids: Finding surface and volume by adding solids
Solving problems for composite Solids: How to find surface and volume by subtracting solids
Composite Solids: surface and volume by adding and subtracting solids
Translations Coordinate Plane.
Reflections Coordinate Plane.
Rotations Coordinate Plane.
APPLICATION PROBLEM: Short Movie to Generate a Translation on a ti-83 plus
Basic Constructions.
QUIZF_GEO32 pages
Segment distance and midpoint quiz
Angle relationships: complementary and supplementary quiz
Parallel lines and transversals quiz
Parallelograms and rectangles: segments and angles quiz
Squares and rhombi: segments and angles quiz
Trapezoids: Segments and angles quiz
Congruency and exterior angle theorems quiz
Congruency theorems in triangles quiz
Similarity and proportionality in triangles quiz
Similar triangles and special segments quiz
Right triangle similarity with altitude quiz
Triangle inequality quiz
Special right triangles quiz
Trigonometry right triangles quiz
Circles, chords and arcs quiz
Congruent chords quiz
Inscribed angles and arcs quiz
Arcs and angles in circles quiz
Segment, tangents and secant lengths in a circle quiz
Angle Measure in Polygons quiz
Areas Special Triangles quiz
Areas Paralleg Rectang quiz
Areas Rhombi Trapezoid quiz
Areas Regular Polygons quiz
Surface area and volume of cylinders Quiz
Surface area and volume of prisms Quiz
Surface area and volume of cones Quiz
Surface area and volume of pyramids Quiz
Surface area and volume of spheres Quiz
Surface area and volume of composite solids: adding Quiz
Surface area and volume of composite solids: subtracting Quiz
Surface area and volume of composite solids: add and subract Quiz
Proofs_segments_and_angle_relationships_quiz1 page
Proofs Segments and Angle Relationships quiz
Proofs_triangle_congruency_quiz1 page
Proofs Triangle Congruence Quiz
Proofs_triangles_and_parallelograms_quiz1 page
Proofs Triangles and Parallelograms Quiz
Proofs_triangles_similarity_quiz1 page
Proofs Triangle Similarity Quiz
Proofs_circles_segments_angles_quiz1 page
Proofs Circles: Segments and Angles quiz
CAH-m16 pages
Exponents, Square Root and Scientific Notation.
Adding and Subtracting Fractions.
Multiplying Fractions.
Fractional Part of a Number, and Improper Fractions.
Multiplying Mixed Numbers.
Dividing Fractions.
Adding Decimals.
Subtracting Decimals.
Multiplying by a Decimal.
Dividing by a Decimal.
Fractions to Decimals to Percent
Percent of a Number.
Comparing Numbers as Percents.
Percent of Increase or Decrease.
Finding The Amount of a Discount or a Commission.
Calculating Simple Interest.
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