Geometry, Algebra, and Math Lesson Plans

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Math Lessons In PowerPoint: Geometry, Algebra & Math

View FOR FREE an extensive array of Math PowerPoint lessons for Geometry, Algebra and Basic Math.

These lessons may be taught in high school, middle school, and some in upper grades in elementary school.

The lessons teach in a step by step mode the solution of problems and the introduction of concepts.

In algebra students may learn about linear equations, quadratic equations, rational equations, exponential

equations, polynomials, arithmetic and geometric sequences and series.

They may understand in an easy and simple way how to work with conics like

parabolas, hyperbolas, ellipses, and circles. There is an excellent set of lessons for permutations, and

combinations, and independent, and dependent probability.

Geometry lessons are great in the way they present each one of the different theorems for angle relationships,

congruence in triangles, similarity and proportionality in triangles, regular and irregular polygon areas,

surface and volume in solids; all these in an engaging way for the students.

Basic math presents concepts going from concrete to abstract; so that the student may in a visually rich

way interiorize the basic concepts behind adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers,

decimals, and fractions. Applying all this to percents.

These lessons simplify planning for the teacher, since the PowerPoints in the original format are available

for purchase, and students may visit this site for free to review their lessons, and to take quizzes and solve puzzles.

These are great lesson plans for the geometry and algebra teacher.

These Math PowerPoint lessons have been fully tested in the classroom before being posted here.

Are these lessons video games? We need to attend the definition of a video game. A video game is a set of activities you may perform on the screen towards a score, or outcome whose end is MAKE YOU A WINNER. In contrast these lessons don't participate of that nature. These lessons are intended to review or first time encounter skills, procedures and compentencies associated with MATHEMATICS. Paticularly in Basic Math, Algebra and Geometry. They are exactly in the same definition set of the course work a late elementary school, or Middle/High School student has to take towards her/his credits for math. As for me, they were done in the course of my job as Math teacher and I used them with my students most of the 20 years I worked as math teacher. They required to use PowerPoint, iSpring, Learning Management Software, Exel, Test Generators, Graphic Edition software, and give ongoing maintenance to the server where the lessons are hosted, which implies to work with HTML, Flash, Applets, Dynamic Pages, Style Sheets and so on. Besides the other uses a normal person makes of the computer. Also, it is necessary to be checking in other platforms such Android, iOS and others, to allow them to be properly displayed. Each time, the software for a target platform is updated, it implies another round of major or minor updates...that is how is being...and is still being...When hackers contribute, undoing their actions is sometimes very time consuming.

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