Performing Basic Constructions with Compass and Ruler

This is a simple lesson to review how to make basic constructions with compass and straightedge or ruler. Once one simple and basic construction has been fully played and displayed in the screen. You might try to reload the page to get the empty space where it would be run again, and try to sketch it with the pen of the MARKER TOOLS menu, and re-run it again to see if you used the right steps. Or...or...mmmh...why don't you try the constructions on the screen following the directions given for each one!

Lesson's Content


Lesson's Glossary

Perpendicular Bisector
A segment, ray or line bisecting ar segment is a right angle.

Angle Bisector
A segment, ray or line dividing an angle into two congruent parts.

Six sided polygon

Equilateral Triangle
Triangle with all congruent sides and angles (Equiangular)

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