Performing a Rotation with Compass and Ruler

Have you seen the wheels of a car in a cartoon movie spinning around the center. That is a rotation performed around the center of the circle. Rotations may be performed around a point not in the center but still inside the figure, the perimeter or outside the figure itself. This lesson teaches how to use compass, straightedge, and protractor to perform a rotation for a given angle of rotation, and using a given center of rotation. While the MARKER TOOLS menu doesn't give you a compass and ruler, you may still sketch the steps and landing position of the polygon to be rotated, and verify that it is done the proper way as the presentation displays it as you run it.

Lesson's Content


Lesson's Glossary

Transformation that maps the preimage onto the image along a center of rotation, by a given angle of rotation.

All the segments that connect the center of a circle, or arc with the circle or arc points.

Figure that has been transformated (mapped) through a translation, reflection, or rotation.

Figure that is going to be mapped through a transformation (translation, reflection, or rotation.)

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