Performing a Reflection with Compass and Ruler

The wings of a buttefly have symmetry along the longitudinal center of the butterfly's body. This is the line of reflection and the two mirrored halves are the reflections. You will learn to perform reflections of polygons along the a line of reflection using compass and ruler or a straightedge. As has already being suggested in the previous lessons, you would benefit from the MARKER TOOLS menu and use the pen, highlighter and eraser to predict the landing spot of the reflection over the line of reflection or axis of symmetry. Then take advantage of the lesson and verify that yours and the one in the lesson overlap. Otherwise...mmmh!..we need to check the whole lesson. Good luck.

Lesson's Content


Lesson's Glossary

Transformation that maps the preimage onto the image along a line of reflection.

Perpendicular Bisector
Perpendicular bisector is a line that bisects a segment with a perpendicular line.

Figure that has been transformated (mapped) through a translation, reflection, or rotation.

Figure that is going to be mapped through a transformation (translation, reflection, or rotation.)

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