Finding the Incenter of a Circle.

You will learn to find the incenter of a triangle by constructing angle bisectors to the sides of the triangle, and using the intersection to draw a circle intersecting the triangle in just one point at each side. In this lesson as all in this unit you have the opportunity to see actual compass and ruler constructions, and their equivalent in the coordinate plane. They are accompanied with one or more videos. Use the MARKER TOOLS menu to work your own sketches. BE AWARE THAT THESE VIDEOS SOMETIMES TAKE A LONG TIME TO DOWNLOAD. To prevent going out the video pause the main frame at the green control for play on the main frame.

Lesson's Content


Lesson's Glossary

The center to a circle that is inscribed to a triangle by finding the intersection of 2 angle bisectors.

Angle Bisector
Segment, Ray, or Line that divides an angle into two contruent parts.

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