Finding Surface Area, and Volume of Spheres.

Have you been in need of knowing the radius of a sphere; when you know the volume, or the surface area? Have you required to find the circumference of a sphere when you know the volume? Would you be able to determine the surface area of a sphere when you are given the volume, or the volume when you are given the surface area?

Imagine another case besides the ones described in the above questions, and chances are we have an example for you to clarify your doubts. This lesson gives you an extensive array of problems; so that you become completely proficient in dealing with surface area, and volume of spheres. Each problem shows all the intermediate steps so that you don't have to struggle figuring out: How we reach a given equation, or expression. As usual, you will be able to check for understanding by answering the suggested problems writing directly on the screen with your stylus using the pen and marker in the marker tools menu at the top of the screen. Let's round your happiness of understanding about this topic!

Lesson's Content

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Lesson's Glossary

Diameter of a circle (or sphere)
The segment whose endpoints are points on a circle (or sphere) that contains the center of the circle as its midpoint; the length of that segment.

Half of a sphere.

Lateral area.

Lateral area
The area of the lateral surface of a solid.

Lateral surface
The surface not included in the base (s). 

The union of the surface and the region of space enclosed by a 3-D figure; examples: conic solid, cylindrical solid, rectangular solid.

Solid geometry
The study of figures in three-dimensional space.

The set of all possible points; made up of infinite planes.

A sphere is properly defined as the set of points in the space that are equidistant of one point called center. Planes that go through the center of the sphere, intersect GREAT CIRCLES. The circumference of the sphere is the perimeter of any of its great circles.

The boundary of a 3-D figure.

Surface area
The total area of the surface of a solid.

Unit cube
Unit of measuring volume.


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