Chord to Arc Relationships, Perpendicular Chord to Diameter, and Equidistant Chords to Center of Circle.

Did you know why a perpendicular diameter to a chord bisects both the chord, and the arc intercepted by the chord? Are you aware that the distance to the center of two congruent chords in the same circle, or in circles that are congruent is the same for both?

This is a very good lesson that makes an emphasis in teaching how to solve problems that involve these theorems. It is a short lesson, but it will be of great value to you! If you try the suggested problems; you will be able to solve them with your stylus and taking advantage of the marker tools menu.

Lesson's Content

Lesson In PDF Format (no animations)


Lesson's Glossary

The curved segment that is between two points in the circumference of a circle.

Arc length
The distance between an arc's endpoints along the path of the circle.

Center of a circle
The point that all points in the circle are equidistant from.

Central angle of a circle
An angle whose vertex is the center of the circle.

Chord of a circle
A segment whose endpoints are on a circle.

The set of points on a plane at a certain distance (radius) from a certain point (center); a polygon with infinite sides

Plural form of radius.

The segment whose endpoints are any point on a circle or sphere and its center; the length of that segment.



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