Exponents, Square Root and Scientific Notation.

Exponents, Square Root and Scientific Notation: Student develops the concept behind the power of a number. It begins by learning the square and cube geometric meanings and their roots. Students will figure out in between what whole numbers is a given root. The concept is extended to learn about powers of 10, and scientific notation.

Lesson's Content:

Lesson In PDF Format (no animations)

Interactive Applets: Relevant Theorems.

A perfect square may be geometrically represented by a square, for which the side

is the square root of the squared number. Try to manipulate the below applet to visualize this

representation of a squared number, and its root.




One question we often do is: In between what two whole numbers is the square root of a

given number? In this applet you will be able to view it by forming a red square with equal

NON-INTEGER SIDE LENGTHS, and fitting this IN BETWEEN a large blue square, and a small green

square with INTEGER SIDE LENGTHS. Read carefully the directions in the applet.



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