Fractional Part of a Number, and Improper Fractions.

Fractional Part of a Number and Improper Fractions to Mixed numbers: In this lesson students will practice with the different formats for getting a part of a number we may have. It concludes illustrating the conceptual meaning of an improper fraction and how to change it to mixed number and vice versa. Most of these lessons give a huge opportuniy for interaction. You may use the MARKER TOOLS MENU located at the right top of the screen. Pull it down by clicking it and selecting the pen, the highlighter, or the eraser. Anticipate the solutions working them, or at least sketching them before runing the solution of the problems once you did the first few ones. Then run the presentation on top of your attempted solution or take a snapshot and clear the screen with ERASE-ALL option from MARKER TOOL MENU then run the example and put it side by side with the snapshot. Time to be critical on a possitive way!

Lesson's Content:

Lesson In PDF Format (no animations)


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