Distance, and Midpoint Formulas in the Coordinate Plane.

Many, many times we are given two points in the coordinate plane, and then we need to find the distance between them, or the midpoint; sometimes the given points are not the endpoints, but an endpoint and the midpoint. ... So, how should I approach the solution? What are the steps? As with each one of the lessons in this website you may find helpful to study the definitions given below the lesson's box in the page. At the upper right side of the screen you may find helpful to work with the MARKER TOOLS menu. It has a pen and a highlighter to add notes to your lesson or to write remainders while you cover the lesson.

In this short but effective lesson, you will find all the steps that are required to accomplish the above goals. Go for it!

Lesson's Content

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Lesson's Glossary

Distance Formula (2 points): Formula that uses two points in the coordinate plane to find the distance in between them.

Midpoint: The point located in the middle of a line segment and that divides it in two congruent smaller line segments.

Midpoint (number line): The average of the coordinates.

Midpoint (coordinate plane): Located finding the average for the coordinates of y-axis (y coordinate for MP), and the average for the coordinates of x-axis (x coordinate for MP).


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