Probability Experiments with a Spinner

In this lesson you will have the opportunity to practice probability with a real spinner that is turned and recorded on video. The spinner has different templates with different number of sectors. If you are learning about how to put together a motor, you might find helpful to have the actual motor in front of you. The same here, what about having the actual spinner. Well, difficult to popup one out of the screen, but the provided videos, do exactly the same. They were recorded so that you may complete the table provided at the right, and with the data gathered calculate probabilities as you have already being taught in the previous lessons of this website. As the videos play you may complete the tables right there on the screen using the MARKER TOOLS menu located in the upper part of the screen. This has a pen, a marker, and an eraser. Additionally, if you take the time to scroll down the screen you will find some very useful definitions that is strongly suggested you go over them before going over the lesson.

Lesson's Content

Lesson In PDF Format (no animations)


Lesson's Glossary

Combination: Any arrangement in which order is not important.

Dependent events: The outcome of a dependent event is affected by the outcome of the previous event.

Independent Events: If an outcome doesn’t affect the outcome of a following event, then the two events are independent.

Factorial! n! represents the product of all the whole numbers from n to 1. n! is the product of all the whole numbers from n down to 1 - used in probability.

Mutually exclusive events: Events with no common outcomes.

Mutually inclusive events: Events with  common outcomes.

Outcomes: The possible results of a probability experiment.

Permutation: Any arrangement in which order is important.

Probability: The possibility of an event to happen. The probability of getting an even number when rolling a 6 sided dice is 50%.

Sample Space: All possible ways an event may happen.


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