Arithmetic and Geometric Series.

Do you need to find the next term in an arithmetic sequence , or the sum of an arithmetic series? Do you need to find the common difference, or the ratio of a geometric sequence? Do you need to determine if a geometric series converges or not? By now the lesson consist of a collection of problems. You might try to work the first one for each topic and then using the pen provided in the MARKER TOOLS menu or your finger you might try the solution of the following problems by yourself before viewing the actual solutions. At the bottom of the problem viewing screen you have definitions of some of the terms using in the lesson. Reviewing them might easy your understanding of the lesson.

This lesson teaches you in a simple and easy manner; the different scenarios you may encounter. Don't give up...keep trying your math!

Lesson's Content

Lesson In PDF Format (no animations)


Lesson's Glossary

Arithmetic Sequence: A sequence in which the difference between any two consecutive terms is a constant.

Arithmetic series: For an arithmetic sequence, the indicated sum of the terms.

Common difference The different between two consecutive terms of an arithmetic sequence.

Common ratio: The ratio between two consecutive terms in a geometric sequence.

Converge: For an infinite geometric series to converge it is necessary that |r|<1, where r is the common ration of the sequence in question.

Diverge: Given an infinite geometric series, this diverges if |r| greater of equal to 1, where r is the common ratio of the sequence in question.

Geometric Sequence: A series of numbers for which each consecutive number is the previous one times a constant known as common ratio.

Geometric series: Given the terms of a geometric series; the geometric series is the indicated sum of the terms.


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